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Kazakhstan’s Role in Strengthening the OSCE

Kazakhstan is the first ever former Soviet state to hold chairmanship over the intergovernmental security organization, the OSCE. This newly formed republic made its entry to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in 1992.

The organization, which takes in 56 member countries, was primarily formed to monitor several conflict zones, as well as to promote civil society and economic development. Each member state is required to adapt to the specified standards of human rights and democracy.

Aside from its former status during the reign of the former Soviet Union, Kazakhstan is also the first country in central Asia to hold the helms of the OSCE. A number of political analysts believe that the countrys OSCE chairmanship will surely strengthen the organization.

Kazakhstan is highly capable of attaining valuable progress by putting its political, as well as economic, strengths to good use. The country, who has maintained strong ties with its neighboring countries, as well as its overseas ally - the US, can easily mediate several disputes and conflicts within the OSCE states.

Kazakhstans ability to maintain peace within its territorial borders despite its diversity helps the country create a platform of dialogue in the course of its chairmanship. This fact alone makes Kazakhstan an illustrative example for countries that are striving to settle internal conflicts brought about by ethnic and religious diversity.

Kazakhstans affiliation with various international organizations, such as the CIS, makes the country an ideal mediator when conflicts arise between European and Asian countries. Part of maintaining good foreign relations with its Asian neighbors and overseas allies, Kazakhstan has kept a mutual dependence among these countries due to its number of supply routes and foreign energy investors. In fact, one of the main factors behind the countrys substantial economic progress has a lot to do with its treated energy investors.

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