A very fond farewell

A very fond farewell

After more than 12 years at DRA and Coastal Rivers, Darryn Kaymen has moved on.

We are sad for ourselves, yet happy for Darryn that she is pursuing her next horizon. She is not moving on to a specific next position, and her departure is entirely her wish, not ours! We will miss her terribly!

Darryn has been at the heart of almost every piece of this organization’s growth and success during her tenure. From our little team of 2 ½ staff to our team of 12+ today (including Twin Villages Foodbank Farm and Camp Mummichog summer staff), from about 3,000 acres to almost 6,000 acres under conservation. From a crooked office to a state of the art new facility that she was central in designing. Through the unification of Damariscotta River Association and Pemaquid Watershed Association. From a budget of less than $200,000 per year to almost $1M (and in some years more than $2M a year when you include land campaigns). And on and on.

Yet it wasn’t just what she did, but how she did it that made such a difference: with intelligence, wisdom, honesty, humor, and integrity; a commitment to excellent systems and innovation; a deep kindness most fully expressed in doing right and fairly by all; and more common sense than almost anyone I know.

Darryn’s last day with us was October 21. We’ve just begun to take the next steps in terms of staffing and hiring, and expect to be posting a job description soon.

We wish you all the best, Darryn!