Lands protection & stewardship

Coastal Rivers protects and stewards significant land and conservation easements.

Our conservation efforts center on the Damariscotta-Pemaquid region, encompassing nine towns. Coastal Rivers owns 78 properties, holds 61 conservation agreements, aka conservation easements, and co-manages an additional 11 properties, which together total approximately 5,400 acres.

For information about preserves that are open to the public for hiking and low-impact recreation, see our hiking map and list of public preserves.

>> Download this map as a pdf (11 x 17″)

map of conserved lands in the Damariscotta-Pemaquid region

Partners in conservation

In addition to lands we own, the Coastal Rivers helped to acquire for public agencies several other properties, like Dodge Point, that we still play a role in making available for public use. Towns have invited our help in maintaining trails on town properties as well.

In addition to those partners, we work with private landowners, agencies, and other non-profits. Gifts of land and conservation easements from generous donors, as well as targeted purchases, help us grow and connect our network of conserved lands for public benefit – wildlife, water quality, scenic integrity, historical preservation, and public access.

In all cases, whether we own the lands, co-manage a property with a partner, or hold an easement, we rely on an exception cadre of stewardship volunteers to help maintain trails and monitor preserves and conservation easements.