Purchase of Castner Brook Community Forest complete

Purchase of Castner Brook Community Forest complete

wetland at Castner Creek

As of March 15, 2019 over 85 acres of woods alongside Castner Brook, in the heart of Damariscotta, are now permanently conserved. Castner Brook is a major tributary to the Damariscotta River, and improving water quality in the creek will have a positive impact on the river. The forest also offers exciting potential for multi-use trails.

beaver dam

A beaver dam on the Castner Brook property

Because of the vulnerability of the area around the creek, and its importance to clean water, DRA-PWA has been interested in this beautiful stream valley for many years.

The brook carries a high load of silt and sediment, which affects the river and can be harmful to aquatic life. DRA-PWA will establish a wide no-cut buffer along the creek to reduce the amount of sediment entering the water system, and trails will be designed to prevent erosion.

On the eastern portion of the property, the woods will be managed for forest health and wildlife, through selective cutting and timber harvesting.

DRA-PWA also plans to establish a system of multi-use trails on the property.

Read Jessica Picard’s March 6 article about the purchase in the Lincoln County News.

property map showing extent of land purchase

A map of the recent purchase and surrounding lots. Note the extensive wetland complex. (Click on the map for a larger view.)