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According to Steve and Karen O’Bryan, they had four main goals when they first approached Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust about conserving their land. “We wanted to protect the wetland and stream, provide a sustainable source of firewood for home heating, preserve the old snowmobile trail, and to continue to allow the hunting tradition in this area.” (…)

Coastal Rivers recently completed two land conservation projects in Bristol, adding a total of 60 acres to the existing Half Moon Pond Conservation Area that now stretches 979 acres from Route 130 to Benner Road.

In August, Chris and Natalie Coombs donated a 56-acre conservation easement on their property, which includes part of a large wetland area known as Yates Meadow and about 500 feet of shoreline on the west side of Half Moon Pond. They have called it the Kenneth and Geraldine Coombs Conservation Area, in memory of Chris’ aunt and uncle, who left the land and associated house and barn to Chris and Natalie.

Given the generally sullen mood of discourse around climate change right now, you might expect our communications on the issue to be seeped with bad news. After all, our work as a conservation organization requires us to be acutely aware of the environmental challenge we are up against. Yet our recent conservation successes give us reasons to be hopeful.

Thanks to the generous support of our membership and donors, combined with the hard work of our staff and board, the land trust acquired an additional 840 acres of publicly accessible land in 2022. We are effectively doubling our rate of conservation, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. (…)

We are thrilled to announce the conservation of a 93-acre property at the heart of the Half Moon Pond Conservation Area in Bristol. Purchased from Marian Doering, the property includes 25 acres of rich wetland habitat and protects vernal pools, a beaver dam, and marsh frequented by inland wading birds and waterfowl. Its intact woodlands provide deer wintering grounds and habitat for moose, fisher, bobcat and other larger mammals. (…)

“Lobaria Pulmonaria!” exclaimed Joan Ray, Director of Land Conservation. Joan and land owner Sherry Woody were exploring the forest Sherry would soon donate to Coastal Rivers when Joan stopped to admire a seemingly ordinary piece of lichen. In reality, the pair had happened upon something far more interesting. (…)

Thirty years after Damariscotta River Association acquired the 71-acre Plummer Point Preserve in South Bristol, the purchase of the point’s 14-acre tip now unifies the entire peninsula under Coastal Rivers’ care.

If you have visited Plummer Point Preserve, you know what makes it special. Winding trails, views of Seal and Long Cove, plentiful wildlife, and over a mile of shoreline along the Damariscotta River have drawn hikers for decades.

At Keyes Woods Preserve, Bristol A warm sun was shining and a smattering of acorns dropped from nearby trees as Coastal Rivers trustees and staff, along with an intimate group of local and town officials and lead donors and volunteers, celebrated the land trust’s newest trail with a ribbon cutting. In the new parking area at Keyes Woods Preserve in Bristol, Coastal Rivers Executive Director Steven Hufnagel expressed his thanks to those who made the project possible. Pemaquid Watershed Association (PWA) acquired the 70-acre property in 2018, with assistance from Damariscotta River Association (DRA) – just months before the two …

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With the enthusiastic permission of the donor, a small house lot in Bristol is helping to fund new conservation efforts in the area.

There were several feet of snow on the ground when Gerry and Stanley Nathanson made the decision to buy a small piece of land in Bristol after looking at several other properties for sale. The retired New Jersey couple thought (…)

This week, Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust closed on a 476-acre piece of land next to the wild Half Moon Pond in Bristol, making it “the biggest single-day purchase in the history of Coastal Rivers and our parent organizations (Damariscotta River Association and Pemaquid Watershed Association),” according to Coastal Rivers Executive Director Steven Hufnagel.

Conservation at a meaningful scale Earlier this spring, Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust completed the purchase of a 165-acre property on the west side of River Road in Edgecomb, a short distance south of Dodge Point. The expansive wooded parcel features a grown-over field and orchard bounded by rock walls, lush wetlands, at least one vernal pool, and a blueberry barren. It is also crisscrossed by streams draining both east into the Damariscotta River and west into the Sheepscot, making the property a point of connection between the two watersheds and buffering water quality in both. Coastal Rivers is particularly excited …

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