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Get a behind-the-scenes look at the harvest operation at Dodge Point Public Land in Newcastle, Maine. Hear about the goals, scope and status of the current project, and get some background on the Dodge Point property, formerly the award-winning Freeman Tree Farm. Forester Stephen Richardson explains how BPL is managing the stand for forest health, wildlife, and recreation, and answers participants’ questions about the expected short and long-term impacts of the harvest.

The first time I walked the trails at Tracy Shore and Garber Overlook Preserve in 2013, I was amazed I hadn’t heard of them sooner. The farther one walks, the more enchanting the trail becomes, with dappled sunlight filtering through hemlock and soft pine needles underfoot, winding along a mossy rock-lined stream and past fantastic rock formations before reaching the cliffs above Jones Cove. The 40-acre Tracy Shore property has actually been in conservation since 1980, when Mr. and Dr. Tracy donated it to the Maine Chapter of the Nature Conservancy. The land was later transferred to the town of …

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