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Talking Trash Community Forum

talking trash forum in Darrows Barn

Mark Ward and Michael Uhl of “Talking Trash” organized a presentation and community forum on August 22 on the sticky topic of recycling and trash disposal in Lincoln County.

As promised the evening of the event, Michael and Mark are sharing some materials and resources that were discussed during the forum.

New Trailhead under construction for River~Link at Dodge Point

a group hiking on the river-link trail

The River~Link trail continues to grow not only in length but also in popularity. Taking note of this increasing demand, the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands is preparing to create a new additional trailhead and parking area at Dodge Point. Work has already begun on the trailhead, located at the northern end of River~Link on the west side of River Road, well south of the existing Dodge Point parking area. River~Link – described as “a taste of the North Woods in our backyard” – was conceived in the late 1990’s and is now coming to fruition through a groundbreaking

Coastal Rivers naturalist inspired to pursue Master’s in Marine Affairs

Melanie Nash

Those of you who attended Coastal Rivers’ Membership Celebration in July had the chance to hear Melanie Nash speak about how her personal experiences volunteering with and working for PWA and Coastal Rivers have inspired her studies and career goals. Article and featured photo by Coastal Rivers volunteer Adair Heyl. “How can anything be more important than the environment?” asks Melanie Nash, summer staff naturalist at Coastal Rivers’ Beachcombers’ Rest Nature Center (BRNC) at Pemaquid Beach Park. “If we don’t reach kids, conservation isn’t going to happen. The little 7-year old who said, ‘Don’t go to the vending machine; fill

Partner Project: Maine Coast Photovoice

woman taking a photo with her phone

Exploring coastal resilience through community photography and visual storytelling You are invited to participate in a research study examining social and environmental change through photography and visual storytelling in the Damariscotta River Estuary. WHO: Researchers from the University of Maine Communication & Journalism Department are looking for 10-20 residents living in or around the Damariscotta Estuary (18 years or older) to join their team in an effort to document the important changes happening around us. WHEN: Through Summer 2020 (dates yet to be determined) WHERE: Education Hall at Coastal Rivers’ Round Top Farm (3 Round Top Lane, Damariscotta, ME 04543)

At home at Round Top Farm

renovated Round Top Farmhouse

It’s hard to put into words just how excited we are to report that on April 22, we relocated our headquarters to Round Top Farm in Damariscotta. Thanks to the generosity of donors to the Campaign for the Damariscotta Capital Campaign, the 1888 Rafter (later Denny) family farmhouse has been lovingly restored, while creating a center for community education, increasing energy efficiency, and making the public spaces fully accessible. The attached ell, the old “Oats Barn,” was unfortunately too structurally compromised to be restored, so a new wing with a smaller footprint was built in its place. This wing includes

Purchase of Castner Creek Community Forest complete

wetland at Castner Creek

As of March 15, 2019 over 85 acres of woods alongside Castner Creek, in the heart of Damariscotta, are now permanently conserved. Castner Creek is a major tributary to the Damariscotta River, and improving water quality in the creek will have a positive impact on the river. The forest also offers exciting potential for multi-use trails. Because of the vulnerability of the area around the creek, and its importance to clean water, DRA-PWA has been interested in this beautiful stream valley for many years. The creek carries a high load of silt and sediment, which affects the river and can

DRA and PWA move forward toward unification

construction tour at DRA's Round Top Farm

It all begins on February 11! On that date, the two governing boards of DRA and PWA will meet as a single board for the first time, marking the start of joint operations for the new organization. Like DRA, PWA is focused on land and water conservation and education. The two organizations have a history of working closely together in the Damariscotta-Pemaquid region that dates back to 1991, when the DRA and PWA pooled resources to share office space in downtown Damariscotta. This past September, our respective memberships voted overwhelmingly in favor of unification with a start date of February

Your name here?

DRA plus PWA equals what?

We need your help. DRA and PWA are joining together as a single organization in February, and we need a new name. We are an accredited land trust, and also so much more. We are looking for a name that reflects our commitment to land conservation and stewardship, water quality, trails and outdoor recreation, and educational programs for all ages. Our geographic focus is on the Damariscotta River estuary and surrounding lands, the Pemaquid River watershed and greater Pemaquid Peninsula, and Johns Bay (see map). Our new name should be catchy, memorable, and fresh, and ideally not too much of

New preserve and accessible River Trail at Round Top Farm

people walking on the new accessible trail

With a snip of the scissors and an enthusiastic round of applause, a new preserve on the banks of the Damariscotta River was dedicated in memory of longtime DRA mentor and supporter Pete Noyes this past Saturday. Members of the Noyes family as well as DRA members and friends were among those gathered to celebrate the preserve and the construction of the new accessible trail across it. The purchases of the Pete Noyes Preserve and another adjacent property to the south, made possible by donors to DRA’s recent capital campaign, effectively doubled the size of the existing Round Top Farm

In appreciation for all you do

video thumbnail - boy looking at horseshoe crabs

We couldn’t have done it without you! By way of a thank you to DRA members and supporters, we’ve put together a little slideshow with highlights of the work you’ve made possible during the past year. You’ll see wonderful things happening with land conservation, stewardship, education, marine conservation and water quality, and our partner Twin Villages Foodbank Farm. Enjoy!