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We at Coastal Rivers are doing all we can to slow the spread of COVID-19.

This includes canceling in-person programs and closing our offices and indoor facilities to the public. We have moved our programming online for the time being. Our many public preserves and trails remain open and we encourage people to take advantage of this wonderful resource (while following public health guidelines, of course.) …

Since Coastal Rivers relocated its headquarters to Round Top Farm in Damariscotta last April, the farmhouse at Salt Bay Farm on Belvedere Road has become a dedicated nature center and a hub for outdoor education. The building will be open to the public at certain times through the winter.

In January and February, the center will be open most Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 3:00 to 5:15 PM, Saturdays from 2:00 to 4:15 PM, and closed on holidays or when AOS 93 schools are closed due to weather conditions. (…)

Something is missing this winter!

Coastal Rivers’ community skating rink, a fixture of the local winter landscape since 2011, is on hiatus for this season.

Time is needed to raise money to replace the worn-out liner for the rink, as well as to recruit many additional volunteers to keep the rink in shape for skating.

Thanks to a partnership between Coastal Rivers and Great Salt Bay Community School (GSB), students at the school have a beautiful new outdoor gathering space, in the form of a 24’ diameter yurt.

A circular, tent-like structure, the yurt features an oiled wood frame, double insulation, and windows, and will have electricity and heat once complete. …

Now that the foliage is turning, the bright yellow leaves of invasive Asiatic bittersweet vines are easy to spot at Round Top Farm, Salt Bay Farm, and Whaleback.

We’re looking for intrepid volunteers to join a “Bittersweet Brigade” that will help us monitor and control the vines at all three locations on an ongoing basis.

The Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands is planning a selective timber harvest at Dodge Point this winter and next. Road improvements associated with the timber harvest, along with improvements to the Old Farm Road Trailhead Parking Lot and Ice Pond Dam, are slated to start this week.

The work is part of a cycle of periodic tree harvesting and maintenance at this location with the goal of maintaining forest health and improving recreational opportunities at this popular preserve.

Coastal Rivers education programs will now have an even greater reach, thanks to the recent hiring of Education Assistant Angela DesVeaux. Angela will support our much-loved Education Director Sarah Gladu by coordinatingCamp Mummichog, Coastal Rivers’ summer nature day camp, as well as by teaching school groups and public programs.

In the past 10 years, participation in the education program has quadrupled to nearly 4,000 youth and adults in a year. (…)

We are looking for 5 volunteers to help bring the Four Winds Nature Program to k-2 students at Great Salt Bay School.

Four Winds is a Vermont–based organization that provides natural science education curriculum and volunteer training. This program is just one of the ways Great Salt Bay School is bringing more outdoor education to its classrooms.

Mark Ward and Michael Uhl of “Talking Trash” organized a presentation and community forum on August 22 on the sticky topic of recycling and trash disposal in Lincoln County.

As promised the evening of the event, Michael and Mark are sharing some materials and resources that were discussed during the forum.

Easier access to a favorite trail The River~Link trail continues to grow not only in length but also in popularity. Taking note of this increasing demand, the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands is preparing to create a new additional trailhead and parking area at Dodge Point. Work has already begun on the trailhead, located at the northern end of River~Link on the west side of River Road, well south of the existing Dodge Point parking area. River~Link – described as “a taste of the North Woods in our backyard” – was conceived in the late 1990’s and is now …

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