Early spring visit to Tracy Shore with Sarah Gladu

Early spring visit to Tracy Shore with Sarah Gladu

Dear Friends,

While we are all currently dealing with big changes in our lives, nature is a constant and I find great solace in getting out to enjoy it. I have started to put together a series of guided walks on Coastal Rivers preserves. The first video takes place at Tracy Shore in South Bristol.

Tracy Shore offers a vernal pool, a rushing stream, deep moss and shoreline along the Damariscotta River Estuary. The coastal forests are unique in their soils, which are shallow and acidic – and their humidity, which results from the proximity to the ocean. The result is a primeval forest dripping in a diverse collection of lichens and deep in mosses.

I encourage you to visit our preserves and enjoy the trails, while practicing safe physical distancing. If you find that the parking lot is full when you visit Tracy Shore, Seal Cove and Library Park are both within a half mile and offer their own lovely natural treasures.

I hope you enjoy this video and would love to hear what you think!

Best wishes,