Boxed kits to borrow

Learning in a box

A boxed kit available to borrow

The Pollination kit.

Available to anyone teaching grades K-5, whether at school or at home! Borrow a box of supplies, information, reading materials, activities, and more to encourage exploration of a topic. Use the kits as a complete lesson plan, or use bits and pieces to round out a unit.

Each kit focuses on a single topic or concept and includes a variety of hands-on activities designed to get students outside and excited about the natural world!

What you’ll find in each box

  • An overview of the topic
  • Tools and supplies for activities
  • A checklist of additional supplies needed
  • Activities for every grade level from Kindergarten through 5th grade. Each activity begins with objectives and keywords.
  • Supplemental images, diagrams, and/or video links
  • A list of key takeaways
  • Ideas for further exploration
  • Depending on the topic, some kits will have one or more age-appropriate books or printed stories

Box topics

mink on rocks by water

  • Wabanaki culture
  • Mammals of Maine
  • Animal Tracks
  • Winter Activities & Experiments
  • And more!

How to borrow a box

Email Angela at Let her know which kit you’d like to borrow, and what date(s) you’ll need it for. She’ll let you know what additional supplies you’ll need to have on hand, if any.