Donating Land to Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust

Many of the Coastal Rivers’ Trust holdings were given to Coastal Rivers as gifts to the community by conservation-minded donors. They provide public access and recreation opportunities, protect wildlife habitat and water quality, open doors for nature observation and reflection, and serve as locations for Coastal Rivers’ many public educational programs for youth and adults.

A gift of land is generally regarded as a charitable contribution, with attending tax benefits, but as in all cases specific circumstances drive particular outcomes.

Additionally, we sometimes accept donation of “tradelands,” properties that the donor has explicitly intended for us to be able to resell to support other conservation efforts.

Notably, for very special properties in focus areas for our work, Coastal Rivers may sometimes purchase land.

Please note: Coastal Rivers only signs complete 8283 forms after reviewing the appraised value represented by the donor’s appraiser (which is true for outright donations of conservation easements as well). Coastal Rivers reserves the right not to sign an 8283 it is not comfortable with and will not participate in fraudulent transactions. In all cases, donors should consult their own tax and legal advisors as Coastal Rivers cannot and does not provide tax or legal advice.