Help – we’re being invaded!

Help – we’re being invaded!

Bittersweet, Black Swallow-wort, Knotweed, Barberry (& more)

Updated 9/3/20
With a great growing season this summer, invasive plants are making their presence known. Would you like to help push them back?

You can help in three ways:

1. Claim your own plot of Asiatic bittersweet or Japanese knotweed at Coastal Rivers’ Round Top Farm or Salt Bay Farm (our former headquarters on Belvedere Road) and make a commitment to cutting it back, pulling it out, bagging it, and taming it throughout the year as needed. Email Joy Vaughan at to pick your spot.

2. Join Joy Vaughan on a Tuesday morning from 9 to 11 (note this time has changed) to tackle a plot. Not every Tuesday but whenever it’s convenient for you. We’ll choose a spot and begin pulling, digging, and cutting. Bring your own tools. Sign up by contacting Joy at

3. Join Bob Barkalow on a Wednesday morning from 8 to 10 for the same. Sign up by contacting Bob at

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