Meet a Maine Forest Ranger

Meet a Maine Forest Ranger

When every day is an adventure

Join Aliesha Black to learn about her day-to-day work as a Forest Ranger. Whether dangling from a helicopter rescuing a hiker on a remote peak, using infrared technology to search for wildfires, enforcing natural resources laws, or on patrol in Knox and Lincoln County, work is never dull for Aliesha.

The mission of Maine’s Forest Rangers is “to protect Maine’s forest resources and homes from wildfire, respond to disasters and emergencies and to enhance the safe, sound, and responsible management of the forest for this and future generations.” You’ll learn what it takes to be a Maine Forest Ranger as well as opportunities for specializing in the field.

Recorded on January 13, 2022 in Damariscotta, Maine.

About the presenter

Aliesha Black is in her 15th year as a Forest Ranger with the Maine Forest Service. Aliesha patrols Lincoln and Knox counties, and additionally serves on the Fire Science Working Team for the Northeast Forest Fire Protection Compact, Maine Prescribed Burn Council, and represents Maine as an Engine Boss across the country on wildfire assignments.

Featured photo: “Burn boss” Aliesha Black delivers a pre-burn briefing.