American bullfrog

Who’s behind the spring serenade? As our Maine frogs start to move about and sing, spring is a good time of year to find and identify them. Join naturalist Sarah Gladu for an online program to learn all about Maine frogs: how to find them, how to identify them by their song, what interesting behaviors and characteristics they may have, and why they are important in our local habitats. Sarah will also talk about some threats to frog populations and share ideas for helping to protect frogs and other amphibians in your neighborhood. Recorded on April 9, 2021 in Damariscotta, …

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aerial photo of Twin Villages Foodbank Farm and Chapman Field and Forest

Funding from three project partners in the past two weeks has brought Coastal Rivers close to the finish line in our campaign to permanently conserve Chapman Field and Forest, a 32-acre parcel in Damariscotta. Adjacent to Coastal Rivers’ 115-acre Salt Bay Farm property on Belvedere Road, the property includes forest, wetland, and a significant amount of farmland with excellent soils.

Barnaby's saw mill

Town meeting is a springtime event around here. It is on this occasion that the townsfolk at last break out of the rut they’ve got themselves into, hanging around the kitchen stove and looking out the window, wishing the weather would finally straighten out. When the appointed day arrives, cars and pickup trucks congregate at the Town Hall, and their drivers, grumbling about the lack of parking space, file into the hall prepared to do battle until they drop, or the sun sets, whichever happens first. It’s a time-proven system for (…)

pussy willows

A letter from Executive Director Steven Hufnagel March 29, 2021 Spring returns! As the first green things poke up above ground, we too are feeling the promise of better times ahead as we emerge from the long Covid “winter.” I am grateful to you for helping us weather the challenges of this past year. You have been right there with us, inspiring us with your encouragement, kindness and support. Above all, your support made it possible for us adapt. Hopefully you were among the hundreds who enjoyed one of our online programs, now available on our website. Perhaps you or …

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Eastern bluebird

Join Sarah Gladu to learn how to feed and house bluebirds. Sarah will talk about characteristics specific to bluebirds, such as their family life and eating habits, and let you know how to ensure the houses you provide are both attractive to bluebirds and secure from predators. She will also share resources for purchasing bluebird houses, kits, poles and predator guards.

Flowering skunk cabbage in snow

Skunk cabbage is most noticeable in early spring when its tropical-looking leaves expand in stream-beds and ditches throughout the northeast. These water-loving plants will grow in muddy bogs, swamps, wet woodlands and streambeds. They prefer shade and wet soils, though they cannot tolerate having their roots wet for prolonged periods.

Eastern redback salamander

This post is contributed by Coastal Rivers Trustee Barnaby Porter. Read the previous post here. Editor’s note: This piece is from Barnaby’s archive. In the month of the Lion and the Lamb, flying, blustery days, one after another, go winging past, spinning on the skirts of arctic highs between the shivering damps of grey coastal lows. “I say,” says a friend one day, “I think I heard a red wing, but can’t be sure. Seems a little early.” All the signs come to me – teasing glimpses of light and warmth, of easier times in the offing. In the woods, …

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otter slide in the snow

How do you tell a fisher from an otter by its footprints? Learn the finer points of tracking Maine wildlife in this online program with naturalist Sarah Gladu.

Sarah shares photos of tracks and signs and discusses the animals who left them, from birds to weasels.

Dodge Point sign

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the harvest operation at Dodge Point Public Land in Newcastle, Maine. Hear about the goals, scope and status of the current project, and get some background on the Dodge Point property, formerly the award-winning Freeman Tree Farm. Forester Stephen Richardson explains how BPL is managing the stand for forest health, wildlife, and recreation, and answers participants’ questions about the expected short and long-term impacts of the harvest.

Barnaby's wood shop in the snow

It was the kind of day when icicles don’t drip, cold and grey, with a stiff wind out of the north. The thermometer stood at zero. It was that sort of weather when warmth and comfort couldn’t be taken for granted, and the woodpile shrank by the hour. No birds came to the feeder; they were holed up. I noticed a nuthatch peering out of a birdhouse out behind the shop. (…)