Sherman Marsh in the fall

Thanks to the combined efforts of Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust, Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT), and Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW), the Sherman Marsh Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Newcastle has gained 48 acres as well as more permanent protection.

fall foliage at Sherman Marsh

Despite the many challenges we’ve faced in 2020, you’ve helped make it a great year for land conservation, water quality, public access, and education in the Damariscotta-Pemaquid region. This video highlights just a few of the many projects we’ve been working on.

tall ferns turning gold in fall

Tawny, golden, geometric grace on the damp and luxuriant forest floor – thus we have ferns, so close to perfection in their form and habit that I am hard-pressed to fashion a deserving description of the soft, leaning stands of paling plants that greet my wanderings in October’s woods. I have marveled at them since I was a kid, and I still do. There are others of the same mind.

I stood in the woods only yesterday, preparing to cut more firewood. Reluctant to break the stillness (…)

aerial view of tractor in the fields

Twin Villages Foodbank Farm’s success is rooted in partnerships and strong support from the community. Although a few things are different this year with Covid, the farm is on target to grow 50,000 pounds of food to donate to Lincoln County food pantries, and to aggregate another 20,000 pounds from other growers in its food storage hub.

badly eroding bank

One of the most important things every property owner can do is to have a great buffer between your home and lawn and any stream, lake, pond, estuary, or ocean. Join Sarah Gladu for slides, video and conversation about how to create a great buffer.

common plantain with seed stalks

Are you wondering how to make good use of the wild plants around your home? Naturalist Sarah Gladu, Coastal Rivers’ Director of Education and Citizen Science, can help you to get started. Follow along as she points out greens, bark, berries and tubers that are commonly found in midcoast Maine and shares some basic recipes.

Sign at Whaleback Shell Midden site

Join Sarah Gladu, Coastal Rivers’ Director of Education and Citizen Science, for a tour of the Whaleback shell middens in Damariscotta, Maine. Whaleback is one of the largest middens on the east coast and a tribute to the Wabanaki people’s ancestors and their resourcefulness.

sea lavender and goldenrod on Great Salt Bay

If there is anything that speaks to the soul of summer, it is the singing of crickets. All is right with the world, they sing, and their chorus scissors on.

And nowhere does the soul of summer cling faster than in this country place called Maine. The crickets pluck those sentimental strings with all their hearts. I hear them now. The gentle chorus of late summer whispers (…)

Carolyn Shubert

Carolyn Shubert, Land and Water Stewardship Manager, was recognized recently by Maine Lakes for her work as a champion for water quality in the Pemaquid River system.

I witnessed an amazing sight last night – thirty nighthawks overhead! They were darting and swooping so high there was no hope of me getting a photograph, but their pointed, swept-back wings with a distinguishing white slash well past the “elbow,” as well as the rounded head with an all-but-invisible beak, makes them easy to identify even far overhead. (…)