Preserves & Trails

Hikes with friends and family. Picnics on wild islands. Nature observation in peaceful solitude. Ice skating on the front lawn of a Victorian farmhouse. All of these activities and more are possible on the lands that the Coastal Rivers conserves and stewards throughout the Damariscotta River region.

For individual preserve maps and info, view a list of all public access properties by town.

Trail use and COVID-19

To protect the health of our community, please follow guidelines for trail use.

A good rule of thumb is if the parking lot is full, the trail is full. Have a plan B and a plan C before you go out.

Regional map of conserved lands

Partners in conservation

In addition to lands we own, the Coastal Rivers helped to acquire for public agencies several other properties, like Dodge Point, that we still play a role in making available for public use. Towns have invited our help in maintaining trails on town properties as well.

Treading lightly

Above, we attempt to show most of the public-access lands we have played a part in conserving or stewarding. Please follow Leave No Trace principles while visiting. And please keep in touch if you notice any issues on these lands or have ideas you’d like to share.

Membership makes a difference!

If you are a Coastal Rivers member, thank you for supporting these conservation lands. If not, please consider joining Coastal Rivers to ensure that these natural treasures will be available for years to come. Thank you!