Preserves by Town

Public Access Properties in the Damariscotta River Region

Coastal Rivers Owned, Managed or Affiliated

*asterisk indicates ownership by partner, with Coastal Rivers co-management or assistance


Alphabet Soup Decoder

MDACF = Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

MDIFW = Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

MDOT = Maine Department of Transportation

USFWS = United States Fish and Wildlife Service (Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge)


*Crooked Farm (Coastal Rivers)

*NORGAL Preserve (Coastal Rivers Public Access Easement)

*Old Gravel Pit Trail (Coastal Rivers Public Access Easement)

Salt Marsh Cove (Coastal Rivers)


Chapman Oyster Creek (Coastal Rivers)

Great Salt Bay Farm & Heritage Center (Coastal Rivers)

Huston Landing 1740 (Coastal Rivers)

Paradise Pond (Coastal Rivers)

Round Top Farm (Coastal Rivers)

*Whaleback Shell Midden State Historic Site (MDACF)


Ripley Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

Rocky Ridge Preserve (Coastal Rivers)


Baker Forest (Coastal Rivers)

Carolyn O’Brien Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

Davidson Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

*Dodge Point (MDACF)

Marsh River Bog (Coastal Rivers)

Mills Overlook (Coastal Rivers)

Salt Bay Preserve & Heritage Trail (Coastal Rivers)

*Sherman Marsh Wildlife Management Area (MDIFW)

South Bristol

Garber Overlook Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

Library Park (Coastal Rivers)

Plummer Point (Coastal Rivers)

Rutherford Island Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

Seal Cove Shore (Coastal Rivers)

*Tracy Shore (Town of South Bristol)

*Walpole Woods (Town of South Bristol)


River~Link (multiple towns, many partners, mixed ownership)

Wild Islands and Ledges

Big Huckleberry (aka Carlisle) Island (Coastal Rivers)

Crow Island (Coastal Rivers)

*Fort Island (MDACF)

*Goose Ledges (MDIFW)

*Little Thrumcap Island (USFWS)

Stratton Island (Coastal Rivers)

Witch Island (Coastal Rivers)