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Coastal Rivers public trails

Trails owned by, co-managed by, or affiliated with Coastal Rivers

Finding a trail

Welcome! Coastal Rivers staff and volunteers maintain over 30 trails in the Damariscotta-Pemaquid region, totaling over 50 miles. The map below shows where trails are located. Scroll further down to find preserves listed by town. From the list, click on a trail name to see the trail map and to get more information such as trail length and difficulty.

Please email us at with any questions or concerns, to report trail issues, or for trail recommendations.

The accessible “Trail for All”

The Rhoda and Lee Cohen River Trail, which connects Round Top Farm to Whaleback Shell Midden State Historic Site is designed for accessibility. The trail is 8′ wide with very little slope and a firm smooth surface. Van access is available at either trailhead.

Trails map

Coastal Rivers trails map

Click the map to view a larger image or download as a pdf (11×17″).

Alphabet Soup Decoder

MDACF = Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

MDIFW = Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

USFWS = United States Fish and Wildlife Service (Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge)

Trails by town:

*asterisk indicates ownership by partner, with Coastal Rivers co-management or assistance


*Hilton O’Connor Trail (Town of Bremen)
Pemaquid Pond Preserve (Coastal Rivers)


Bass Rock Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

Bristol Recreational Trail (Town of Bristol)

Cosima’s Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

Crooked Farm Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

Bearce Allen & *NORGAL Preserves (Coastal Rivers Owned and Coastal Rivers Public Access Easement)

Hatchtown Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

John & Peg Sproul Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

Keyes Woods Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

La Verna Preserve (Coastal Rivers)


Doyle Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

Huston Landing (Coastal Rivers)

Round Top Farm (Coastal Rivers)

Salt Bay Farm (Coastal Rivers)

*Whaleback Shell Midden State Historic Site (MDACF)


Davidson Preserve (Coastal Rivers) – Access via the River~Link Trail

River~Link Trail (multiple towns, many partners, mixed ownership)

Rocky Ridge Preserve (Coastal Rivers) – Access via the River~Link Trail


Baker Forest (Coastal Rivers)

Barrows-Louderback Preserve (Coastal Rivers) – Access via the River~Link Trail

Davidson Preserve (Coastal Rivers) – Access via the River~Link Trail

*Dodge Point (MDACF)

Marsh River Bog (Coastal Rivers)

Mills Overlook Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

River~Link Trail (multiple towns, many partners, mixed ownership)

Glidden Point Preserve, formerly Salt Bay Preserve and Hart Family Heritage Trail (Coastal Rivers) – TRAIL CLOSED until further notice due to higher tides and storm surge (see story here)

South Bristol

Library Park (Coastal Rivers)

Little Thrumcap Island (USFWS)

Plummer Point Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

Rutherford Island Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

Seal Cove Shore Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

Stratton Island Preserve (Coastal Rivers)

*Tracy Shore (Town of South Bristol)

*Walpole Woods (Town of South Bristol)

Witch Island Preserve (Coastal Rivers)


Osborn Finch Wildlife Sanctuary (Coastal Rivers)


Coastal Rivers is committed to providing access to our public lands for low-impact and traditional recreation including hunting, where appropriate. We do ask hunters to notify Coastal Rivers before hunting on a land trust property. Call 207-563-1393 or send us an email.

The following preserves DO NOT permit hunting:

Partners in conservation

In addition to lands we own, Coastal Rivers has helped with the conservation of several other properties that are owned by partners, such as Dodge Point. We play an active role in stewardship of many of these properties. We partner with local towns to help maintain trails on town properties as well.

Treading lightly

When visiting a preserve, please follow Leave No Trace principles while visiting. Email us at if you notice any problems on trails or have ideas you’d like to share.

Membership makes a difference!

If you are a Coastal Rivers member, thank you for supporting these public trails. If you are not a member, we hope you’ll consider joining Coastal Rivers to help provide trail opportunities for people of all abilities. Thank you!