Protecting Vernal Pools

Protecting Vernal Pools

Lots of life in a little pool

You know that small springtime pool of water in the woods that dries up in the summer? It is a critically important habitat for a number of insects and amphibians and it is called a vernal pool.

Join Dr. Aram Calhoun, professor of Wetland Ecology at the University of Maine, to learn about vernal pool ecology and what you can do to manage pools on your property. Dr. Calhoun also addresses what can be done at the municipal level to protect pools, and shares a new conservation tool for Maine homeowners and towns, the Special Area Management Plan for Vernal Pools in Maine.

Recorded on April 26, 2021 in Damariscotta, Maine.

About Aram Calhoun

Aram JK Calhoun is a professor of Wetland Ecology and Conservation at the University of Maine. She is very active in research on vernal pools as a keystone ecosystem and in policy development for wetland protection at all levels of government. Her main focus is figuring out how to make conservation on private property beneficial to all.

Photo courtesy Aram Calhoun

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