Glidden Point Preserve (formerly Salt Bay Preserve)

Length: 3 miles


  • moderate

Permitted Use:

Trail update: The walking trail is currently closed due to storm and tide damage to the bog bridging that crosses the salt marsh. Read more here.

Managing organizations: Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust


Glidden Point Preserve skirts the northern and eastern shore of Glidden Point, which was bisected by Route 1 in the 1960’s. The 1.5 mile trail begins with boardwalks across a salt marsh and follows the shoreline of the Great Salt Bay before crossing under Route 1 through an old sheep tunnel. A spur to the shore allows access to one of Maine’s most important archaeological sites – the great and ancient Indian shell heaps of Glidden Point.


Trail use is recommended three hours on either side of low tide, as bridges and boardwalks become impassable at high tide. Low tide in Great Salt Bay is 2 hours later than it is in Newcastle. View a tide table here.

Directions to Trailhead:

The trailhead is located on the Mills Road (Rt. 215) in Newcastle, along the shore of the Great Salt Bay, just opposite Lincoln County Publishing north of Louis Doe’s and Route 1 by a few hundred yards. Please park in the Lincoln County Publishing lot close to Mills Road at the far end away from their office, taking care not block any of their vehicles.

Preserve Guidelines:

Please click here for guidelines to this preserve.

>> Download a printable version of the preserve map here.

map of Glidden Point Preserve