Library Park

Length: .5 mile


  • moderate

Permitted Use:

Library Park’s 16 acres of mossy, forested shorefront land slope steeply toward John’s Bay and afford excellent views of the bay and Witch Island. The original preserve was made of two parcels donated by Jane Sewall, who also donated the site of the adjoining library to the town, and was later enlarged with the help of Randy Phelps and Pamela Daley.

Managing organizations: Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust

Trail Abstract:

To complete the loop back to the library, a generous family to the south of the preserve has allowed Coastal Rivers to use a trail they had constructed many years earlier. Please do not head further south onto this kind neighbor’s property. Walkers can go further north, however, connecting to the Town of South Bristol’s Tracy Shore Preserve on a new Link Trail constructed by Coastal Rivers (formerly DRA) in 2004.

Directions to Trailhead:

Library Park is located just off of Route 129 in South Bristol, 12 or so miles south of Damariscotta and a little over a ½ mile north of The Gut. Park at Rutherford Library. Head back behind the Library, follow the broad trail, and take a right toward the shore after about 100 yards.

Please click here for guidelines to this preserve.

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Tracy Shore and Library Park preserves map