Little Falls Brook Preserve


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Permitted Use:

Donated by Greg and Shelley Brackett to PWA in 2008, the 21-acre Little Falls Brook Preserve contains a shallow wetland area and a short trail through the forested upland portion of the preserve.

The trail is accessible by foot only in the winter months when the marsh is frozen. This lush marshland does provide a paddling opportunity, when the water is high, to immerse in the sights and sounds of wetland wildlife. Paddle will require dragging over at least one beaver dam.

Because wetlands are like the kidneys of the landscape due to their ability to remove excess nutrients, toxic substances, and sediment from water that flows through them, this preserve helps to improve downstream water quality. Wetlands are nurseries of nature, ranking among the most biologically productive natural ecosystems in the world. On top of the water quality and wildlife benefits, this land also preserves a natural scenic viewscape enjoyed from Carl Bailey Road.

Managing organization: Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust

Directions to Trailhead:

7 miles down Rte 130 from downtown Damariscotta, just south of Bristol Mills, turn right onto the Carl Bailey Rd. Put-in is at the culvert on Carl Bailey Rd., with unmarked parking available off the causeway as well as roadside before and after.

Preserve Guidelines:

Please click here for guidelines to this preserve.