Marsh River Bog

Length: 1/3 to 1 mile depending on route


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Permitted Use:

The Marsh River Bog Preserve is a 54-acre property purchased by Damariscotta River Association in 2004, featuring wooded trails alongside a beautiful bog.

Managing organizations: Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust

Trail Description

Marsh River Bog features loop trails and a bog, opening up to exploration a natural community that few people ever have a chance to see. Cotton grass, bog orchids, cranberries, and stunted trees cling to a floating mat of peat moss in the center of the bog.

Support for the purchase of this property came from individuals, foundations and public funds, among them the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund, supported by the purchase of special instant lottery tickets, a North American Wetlands Conservation Act grant, the Fields Pond Foundation and the Falcon Foundation.

Directions to Trailhead

The preserve, marked by a large sign, is located in Newcastle on the right side of Route 1 as you are headed south, just beyond Snead Spur which connects Route 1 and River Road. Take a right off of Route 1 and pull back into the parking area among the tall pines. Northbound, look for a car dealership, Mexicali Blues, and Mike’s Place – continue a few hundred yards and turn left into the shared dirt drive to park.

Preserve Guidelines

Please click here for guidelines to this preserve.

>> Download a printable version of the preserve map here.

map of Marsh River Bog