Ripley Preserve

Length: There are no trails on this property, but it is open to the public.


  • strenuous

Permitted Use:

The preserve is entirely wooded with the exception of a small clearing adjacent to River Road. Old woods roads and stone walls attest to an active agricultural history,most likely a combination of pasture and woodlot. Two foundations on the property, near River Road, are believed to be the remains of schoolhouses. There are no trails, parking or recreational facilities, but the preserve is open to the public.

Managing organizations: Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust

Trail Abstract:

 There are no trails on this property.

Directions to Trailhead:

This preserve is 5½ miles south of Damariscotta along River Road in Edgecomb. The preserve is on the right at the intersection of River road and Merry Island Road. There is no sign.

Preserve Guidelines:

Please click here for guidelines to this preserve.

map of River~Link trail including Ripley Preserve