River~Link Trail & Schmid Preserve

Length: 5 miles


  • strenuous

Permitted Use:

The River~Link Trail was made possible thanks to the River~Link initiative with funding and support from numerous partners. Primary access to the trail is from the Dodge Point parking lot on River Road at the northern end and McKay Road at the southern end. Setting up a car shuttle is a common practice to allow a through-hike of the entire length of the trail. Additional access is possible through the Schmid Preserve.

Amazingly, a few large blocks of forest land remain on the Boothbay Peninsula, large enough to support moose and other creatures that require room to roam. Look for signs of these forest denizens as you hike.

Beginning at Dodge Point, follow the Farm Road in the counterclockwise direction for a quarter mile or so. Take a right onto the Timber Trail, where you will see a River~Link sign. Follow Timber Trail a short while, then look for another right as you begin to climb a rise. You’ll drop down to and then cross River Road – please pay extra attention in this section to keeping dogs and children close at hand. River Road is very fast and potentially dangerous – cross with care!

Upon crossing the road, you will travel along an old logging road with dense young spruce, a section resembling the forest in Narnia as Lucy enters the wardrobe. Cross a small footbridge and head toward the ridge, eventually trending to your left (heading south-southwest). Climb the hill and notice the gorgeous stonework of the Maine Conservation Corps.

You are now into the Rocky Ridge Preserve and you’ll stay on this high ground for a while as you head south, crossing after a while onto a public access easement held by Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association, an important River~Link partner. Please respect this private land by staying on the trail.

Several more bridges, including an old stone bridge, make traversing the small streams easier, and you’ll pass through old hemlock forest, by beaver flowages, and eventually up a steep rise into the Town of Edgecomb’s Schmid Preserve. More up and down, another bridge, and then a delightful trip through the once-inhabited region of Mount Hunger, marked by cellar holes and overgrown apple trees. Keep on to the south and finish (a long while later) at McKay Road, having traveled through Boothbay Region Land Trust’s Church Property.

Now, please take a moment to thank your state officials and fellow citizens for their foresight in passing several critical bonds in support of the Land for Maine’s Future Program! Without LMF, none of what you’ve just enjoyed would have been possible.

map of River~Link trail and Schmid preserve