Tracy Shore

Length: 1.5 miles


  • moderate

Permitted Use:

Tracy Shore is a property of the Town of South Bristol along the eastern shore of Jones Cove on the Damariscotta River. A well-marked system of trails wends its way past vernal pools, cascading streams, and cliffs adorned in rock tripe and ferns, culminating at a promontory affording stunning views of the cove and river. Much of the viewshed is protected by conservation easements donated to the DRA by preservation-minded neighbors.

Managing organizations: Partner owned/Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust co-managed

Trail Abstract

Mr. and Dr. (Mrs.) Tracy donated the land to The Nature Conservancy which later passed it on to the town. Dr. Tracy was a prominent pediatrician and her husband, Mr. Dwight Tracy, an avid naturalist.

The Link Trail to Library Park marks the very route that the Tracy’s daughter once walked to school to avoid the road. Coastal Rivers maintains the trails for the town.

Directions to Trailhead

Tracy Shore is located on the west side of Route 129 in South Bristol, about 11 miles south of Damariscotta or 1.5 miles north of The Gut. Enter off of the S Road about 20 feet from 129.

Preserve Guidelines

  • The preserve and trail are for day use only.
  • Open fires are not allowed.
  • Motorized vehicles are not permitted due to potential erosion problems.
  • Keep to the marked trails. This is especially important in steep sections, along the shoreline, and in the vicinity of Garber Overlook.
  • As a courtesy to other preserve users and for the protection of wildlife, please keep you dog or pet on a leash at all times.
  • Please do not gather wildflowers, ferns, mosses or other natural souvenirs.
  • Please carry out what you carry in. And, if you’d like to help out, please pick up any small refuse you may find.  Thank you!

>> Download a printable version of the preserve map here.

Tracy Shore and Library Park preserves map