Walpole Woods

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Permitted Use:

Walpole Woods is a property of the Town of South Bristol. This approximately fifty acre woodlot was a gift of the neighboring Gordon Merriam family to the former Damariscotta Area Recreational Alliance in 1963. Subsequently, ownership was transferred to the Town of South Bristol in 1978. Stewardship of the property was entrusted to the Damariscotta River Association in 2003, which now, as Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust, works in partnership with the town.

It was Mr. Merriam’s wish “that trails could be opened up to the public for walks and enjoyment of woodland, springs, mosses, wildlife, etc. In winter the trails could be used for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.” The area abuts privately owned undeveloped woodlands.

Managing organizations: Partner Owned/Co-managed

Trail Description:

Two trails have been created which intersect with woodland roads and create a loop. Man-made Birkett Pond is a destination and springs, stone walls, and gravel pits on the property attest to layers of human habitation and use over the centuries.

Directions to Trailhead:

Walpole Woods is located in South Bristol on the east side of Route 129 just north of the Walpole post office, about 2.5 miles south of Hanley’s Market where 129 branches off of Route 130.

Preserve Guidelines:

Please click here for guidelines to this preserve.

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map of Walpole Woods