Fox Run Bridge replaced at Salt Bay Farm

Fox Run Bridge replaced at Salt Bay Farm

Keeping it high and dry over the creek

Wooden bridges have a limited lifespan, especially when they are in reach of high tides and storm surge. The old creek crossing at the bottom of the Fox Run trail at Salt Bay Farm, much loved by summer campers and school groups as a good spot to search for critters in the creek, had served its purpose for a number of years. However, the simple wooden span was beginning to rot and had a tendency to be shifted by high water, making it unsafe.

When the aluminum bridge on the nearby Salt Bay Preserve had to be removed this summer, Coastal Rivers’ Stewardship team saw an opportunity to repurpose the bridge to improve the crossing at Fox Run. This August, Coastal Rivers Trails and Facilities Manager Jim Grenier, with the help of a crew of brawny volunteers and a tractor, transported the bridge – along with a second shorter span – through the hayfields down to Blackstone Point. There, both spans were securely mounted to two concrete pads and a large rock. The difficult job was made easier by a crew from the Maine Conservation Corps who aided volunteers and staff with the installation.

We invite you to take a walk at Salt Bay Farm and enjoy views of the creek from an elevated vantage point. We expect this new crossing to last for quite some time!

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